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Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)

Friendica (2019.06-dev) is supporting Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) now. Please read the help pages linked from the settings page before you start setting it up. When you lose your 2nd factor (phone, app) AND your recovery codes there is no way getting access to your account again.

Please also be aware this is a brand-new feature. There ma
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after me'd read da Lord o'teh Rings in the early seventies I am reading The Hobbit only now, after Andrea read it teh 2nd time and heartily recommended it... am within da 5th chapter and, yes, I do enjoy it...

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Deliciously light, with creamy theme inside. Will not meltdown like chocolate (and other unreliable things).

🐰 Friendica 🐰 - your yummy personal network!
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Friendica Directory User Preferences

Hello all @Libranet Support
If you want your profile to be found in the user directory of your Friendica node or in the global Friendica directory, you should enable the following settings:


These settings are implemented as opt-in during registration. They are therefore deactivated by default for new users.

The advantage of being listed in the directory is that you will be better found when users search for potential new contacts.

This is how it looks in the global Friendica directory:


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