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Hi there!

Hey I am new...please help me navigate this website and add me as friend! Thank you!

Welcome! A little hint for a good start: If you don't have any or very few contacts, hardly anyone will read your post. It is public, but it doesn't automatically end up in other people's timelines. It only does that with your contacts. I discovered the post rather coincidentally on the community page.

If you don't have any contacts yet, it makes sense to add a few #tags to get other people's attention. In your case for example the #newhere tag would have been a good thing. Many people do follow the #newhere topic and the tagged posts will be displayed in their timelines automatically. So you will get more reactions.

When you send a post about a certain topic, you should also tag it with suitable tags. So you can easily find like-minded people with similar interests. And you may then add them to your contacts (if desired) to get all posts from these users.

Have fun and welcome!